Choosing the Right VMS to Elevate Your Security System

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September 2023

January 2024

Choosing the Right VMS to Elevate Your Security System

A robust and advanced Video Management System (VMS) is essential in today's rapidly evolving security landscape. Intelligent systems working together are a crucial aspect of any comprehensive security strategy.

When investing in a new VMS, multiple factors should be considered. It is vital to assess your current and future needs, evaluate your video system growth and long-term security objectives, and identify a unified platform to simplify systems automation and integrate with the existing security infrastructure.

Level of Analytics

It is important to consider what level of analytics are required. This will depend on your specific needs and the environment in which the VMS will be used. Advanced VMS systems offer a range of analytics features, such as AI, motion detection, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. These features can be used in various applications, from access control to smart cities, to identify potential security threats and monitor real-time activity.

Support for IoT infrastructure

Ensuring the VMS can support the current and future Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. This evaluation should consider the system's capability to integrate with technologies such as 3D surveillance, high-quality audio systems, and an array of IoT sensors, including those that can detect vaping, bullying, and even gunshots. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, you maximize the system's capabilities and ensure the IoT infrastructure is well-supported.

Scalability and Flexibility

The system's scalability and flexibility should align with long-term security objectives. Can the system accommodate future growth? Ensuring your VMS can scale up or down quickly and efficiently is critical.

Scalability is also essential if you anticipate increased locations, cameras, or users the VMS needs to support. The system should be able to handle additional hardware and users without compromising its performance and reliability.


Identifying necessary integrations will ensure the seamless and efficient operation of various systems. These may include:

• Can it integrate with the existing or planned access control system?

• Will audio equipment be needed, and what announcements or actions can be automated for an emergency?

• Will it integrate with emergency communication systems, and what actions can be preset in an emergency?

• What data can be obtained from third-party analytics to enhance insights and information analysis for better decision-making?

Identifying and integrating these systems can significantly enhance a facility or organization's overall performance and security.

Biometric Access Control Integration for VMS

Security Features

When evaluating the security features of a Video Management System (VMS), it's crucial to ensure that the system has robust measures in place to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the surveillance data. This includes safeguarding against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber-attacks.

It is also important to consider the physical security of the VMS infrastructure. This includes protecting the servers, storage devices, and networking equipment from unauthorized access, theft, and tampering using access control to and from the server and security management rooms.

Additional Features

A video wall is a valuable feature for organizations that need a centralized command center to monitor crucial information, such as operations and security. With a video wall, users can view multiple sources of information at the same time, which provides situational awareness and makes it easier to detect and respond to potential issues quickly. The video wall is particularly valuable in control rooms, command centers, and mission-critical environments. It enables faster action and response during emergencies.

Additionally, a dedicated remote desktop feature provides a secure way to access and manage system security remotely. It is an essential and a convenient tool for businesses and individuals who need to work remotely or manage their systems remotely.

The field of surveillance and security has undergone a significant transformation with the emergence of video management systems and artificial intelligence. This progression has led to a remarkable evolution from conventional CCTV technology to advanced and intelligent systems that have become more proactive and predictive.

The importance of safety and protection is evident, leading organizations to prioritize security measures. Adopting a powerful video management system like CORTROL VMS, which includes cutting-edge surveillance systems and critical integrations, is essential in today's security landscape.