CORTROL VMS and Keri Access Control Integration

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September 2023

June 2023

CORTROL VMS and Keri Access Control Integration

Now more than ever, the need for intelligent security systems has grown dramatically. A robust video management system is inherently required, but integration and compatibility with third-party systems are essential. With this, the video management system fulfills its portion of the workload, at the same time being able to communicate with external systems.

Technology is rapidly evolving. Due to both increasing complexities and security requirements, there is a need for a user-friendly and straightforward architecture. The components of such a system should remain sophisticated. Still, the complex layers are to be transparent for the end user, leaving all the hard work to automation.

Events generated by one component trigger a response in another part. This response happens automatically, without the need for constant human supervision, and minimizes the effect of human error and potentially adverse effects from social engineering, thus mitigating security risks.

The successful integration of Keri Systems Access Control with CORTROL VMS provides a unified interface, making it convenient for the end user to manipulate the system while allowing proactive scenarios programmed to operate system-wide. In addition, this integration provides a comprehensive security solution with numerous benefits to an organization's overall safety, security, and access control management.

Users can visually monitor Keri Systems access control from CORTROL's centralized interface delivering real-time visual monitoring, identity verification, event surveillance, and the ability to collect video information regarding each entry/exit event, simplifying post-incident investigations. As a result, security personnel can quickly identify and investigate any security breaches or incidents by combining access control data with video footage, intelligent analytics, and data-driven responses.

cortrol livestream showing multiple video channels with access control floor plan

In addition, CORTROL'S Map-Based Alarm Console integration manages door events visually through a Map Console. Users can visually monitor the status of door alarms in real-time (closed, open, locked, unlocked, unknown) and manage entry access by locking, unlocking, or resetting access from CORTROL's centralized interface. Users can also benefit from a real-time server audit of administrative functions such as record management and modifications.

Furthermore, this collaboration provides integrated features that go well beyond the capabilities of either platform alone. In addition to preventing unauthorized access and theft, it can also improve the overall resource management of a building. By tracking the movements of personnel and monitoring activities in real time, building managers can identify areas that require more attention and allocate resources more efficiently. This integration and monitoring can reduce costs associated with building management and security breaches while improving the safety and well-being of those using the building.

Lastly, Keri access control integrated with CORTROL's event and action manager and other security systems, such as alarms, sensors, and intercom systems, provide real-time situational awareness. As a result, security personnel can monitor predetermined zones and respond more effectively to incidents or threats by having a complete view of access control data and video footage. In addition, these systems work together to minimize the potential damage caused by such incidents. As a result, Keri access control and CORTROL working together create a secure and safe environment for customers, students, and building occupants.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Improved compliance: By monitoring access to sensitive areas in real-time, organizations can ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and comply with industry standards.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: By automating access control and monitoring processes, organizations can reduce the workload on security personnel, reduce false alarms, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Customized for the unique: Available customizations meet various buildings' and organizations' unique needs, allowing greater flexibility and control.
  • Streamlined operations: The integration improves operational efficiency by streamlining visitor management and employee access processes.
  • Secure atmosphere: Access control and VMS systems can help enhance a building or organization's overall reputation and image by providing a secure and safe environment.

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