5 Tips for Choosing the Right Enterprise VMS

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September 2023

April 2023

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Enterprise VMS

In a world where security is a top priority for organizations of all sizes, video surveillance has become essential to protect assets, customers, and personnel. However, managing and monitoring many IP cameras, recorders, and other integrated devices spread across multiple locations can be daunting. In addition, with so many video management systems (VMS) available in the market, choosing the right enterprise solution can be challenging. This blog will share five tips to help you select the perfect enterprise VMS to meet your organization's security needs.

1. Scalability

The first thing you need to consider when selecting a VMS is scalability. As your enterprise grows, you may need to add more cameras to your video surveillance system. Therefore, choosing a VMS that can scale as your enterprise grows is crucial. Make sure the VMS you choose can handle the number of cameras you plan to add in the future (a server addition or expansion may also be required).

2. Compatibility and Integrations

Your VMS must be compatible with your existing hardware, including cameras and recording devices. Choosing a VMS that supports the system you already have in place is essential. This will save you the time and money required to replace your existing hardware. Luckily, ours supports over 15,000 devices, 190+ manufacturers, and numerous integrations.

3. User-friendly Interface

Another critical factor to consider when selecting an enterprise VMS is the ease of use. The VMS you choose should have a user-friendly interface that makes monitoring and managing multiple devices, locations, and integrations easy. A complicated VMS can cause confusion and errors and compromise your organization's security. CORTROL Global is an enterprise VMS that provides a separate simplified client interface and the more complex administration interface.

4. Advanced Features and Convenience

Choosing a robust enterprise VMS that includes advanced features such as an event and action manager, AI, and video analytics (motion detection, object tracking, etc.), license plate recognition, and facial recognition is also essential. These features can help you improve the effectiveness of your video surveillance system and provide intelligent, real-time security.
Other critical features to remember are the ability to remotely access the system and manage the platform and the associated mobile apps. For example, our VMS has a free mobile app with features such as bodycam-like functionalities, remote monitoring, and even a panic button.

5. Support and Maintenance

Finally, you should choose a VMS that includes excellent support and maintenance. Ensure the vendor provides regular updates and patches to update the VMS with the latest security features. Also, ensure that the vendor provides prompt technical support to resolve any issues that may arise. Ours comes out with fresh complimentary updates approximately quarterly to ensure the best compatibility and smoothest experience. It helps to choose a VMS like ours that is built on a modern code base and allows for a quick turnaround of integrations and updates.

In conclusion, selecting the right enterprise VMS is crucial for an effective surveillance system. By considering scalability, compatibility, user-friendly interface, advanced features, and support and maintenance, you can choose the right VMS to meet your enterprise security needs.