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16 Channel Intelligent Video Analytics Solution with Deep Learning and Built-in Facial Recognition


AI Technology

Artificial intelligence Technology, Machine or Deep Learning

Live Stream

Live Stream

Live Stream

Rem Mon

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring


Facial Recognition


Video Analytics

Optional AI Licenses

ZSL-LPR License Plate Recognition

ZSL-Abandon Abandoned Object Detection

ZSL-Gender Gender detection

ZSL-Shdetect Safety Helmet detection

ZSL-Maskdetect Mask/Sunglass detection

ZSL-Hvdetect Human+Vehicle Detection(Bus, Truck, Car, Human)

ZSL-Fdetect Object detector for Fisheye camera

ZSL-PrivacyMask Privacy Masking

ZSL-Fallen Fallen Person detection

ZSL-Count Combined counter event trigger

  • Deep learning-based AI engine and analytics rule engine
  • Built-in Facial Recognition (1 Channel, 4 Channel, and 8 Channel FR models)
  • Multiple AI video analytics package choices
  • Ideal for Surveillance, Business Intelligence, access control, loss prevention, etc.
  • Compatible with existing Onvif based VMS, NVR/DVR, alarm monitoring system
  • Easy integration with an annotated video stream
  • Easy integration with various APIs and protocols (Onvif, REST, E-mail, TCP, RS485)
  • HTML5 Web-based configuration (no plugin)
  • 4 and 8 Channel models are also available
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AI Box V2.0
New Generation AI-Based Intelligent Video Analytics Solution

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