Ganz AI-BOX and CORTROL VMS United Against Campus Crime

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Ganz AI-BOX and CORTROL VMS United Against Campus Crime

Application: “Active Deterrence Systems for School Security”

Installer: MIB TECH S.r.l.s

“The Carabinieri of the Operations Unit of the Company of Rome Piazza Dante, coordinated by The Prosecutor of the Republic of Rome, arrested two people aged 33 and 41, suspected of aggravated theft inside a school. The facts date back to the evening of last 30 October when the military intervened at a school complex in the square Balsamo Crivelli, following a report, reached 112. Once on the spot, they identified the two subjects inside the perimeter fence of the institute, intent on removing a blackboard didactic value of about 2,000 euros. The two tried to escape arrest, but the Carabinieri stopped them after a short foot chase. The military inspection allowed them to ascertain the forcing of an emergency door located at the rear of the school building. The two arrests were validated, and now they are accused of aggravated theft in competition” (Lazio TGR of 7 November 2022).

Educational facilities require monitoring and protection to combat theft, robbery, and vandalism.

The pressing demand for security prompted the local administration to create a video surveillance system, entrusting its installation to MIB TECH Srl.

The solution adopted is based on the supply of IP cameras and Ganz AI-BOX modules, all centralized on the GANZ CORTROL software management platform. When an alarm has been triggered, the event and action manager can be preprogrammed to:

  • Monitor the campus perimeter and report any events
  • Activate a voice message via IP audio horn to deter intruders
  • Send direct alerts to campus security and the police
  • Quickly initiate action to prevent a further incident or apprehend the intruder

The solution ensures reliable and complete IP video surveillance, guaranteeing precise and timely control of the school. The simple software interface allows the remote management and monitoring of all areas for a prompt intervention by the police. The active deterrence system will enable administrators to enjoy an enhanced sense of security.

The architecture of the realized project is based on a client-server platform. NVR server units are in different buildings, centralized on a single client in the control room.

Ganz IP Bullet cameras, compatible audio horns, and the intelligent video analysis unit Ganz AI Box (ZN-AIBOX16) provide real-time monitoring and action. In addition, the Ganz CORTROL software platform is in a centralized control room, unifying the connected IP Systems and activating remote audio alerts.

Based on the scalability of the present system architecture, the school can quickly add cameras or integrate additional IP devices in the future.

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