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24" Lock Box for DR8HD, DR16HD, DR16HRD, NR8H & NR16H Series



For indoor use

Ganz security lock boxes are designed for ease of installation in a wide variety of applications and equipment types. Constructed from durable American made steel with rugged black powder coat finish, these boxes will prevent unwanted tampering of sensitive electronic equipment. A security cam lock is provided in the hinged front panel with key that rotates a heavy duty steel tailpiece to securely lock the box. When the front panel is open, the top lid is removable for easy installation and connection of equipment.

Multiple cable knock-outs are provided in the rear, bottom and side panels to allow flexibility of cable entry and various mounting positions. An internal fan with metal guard and perforated air flow openings are provided to promote cooling of equipment. The fan can be moved from the rear position to either side depending on mounting position to achieve best air flow.

  • Built-in 115V Fan
  • Security Cam Lock
  • Multiple Cable Access
  • Rugged Steel with Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional Wall Mounting Bracket Kit
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