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What’s Trending in Video Surveillance Technologies and Applications

September 18, 2024

Online webinar  1:00 PM EST

Join us as we co-sponsor a webinar exploring the latest developments shaping the video surveillance landscape.

This session will provide an in-depth look into emerging technologies, innovative applications, and key trends influencing the field of video surveillance. Industry experts will discuss the evolution of high-resolution imaging, the integration of artificial intelligence for advanced analytics, and the impact of cloud-based solutions on storage and accessibility.

Participants will gain insights into real-world applications across various sectors, from smart cities and retail to critical infrastructure and residential environments. Whether you're a security professional, systems integrator, consultant or decision-maker, this webinar offers a valuable opportunity to stay informed about the cutting-edge trends in video surveillance. Don't miss out on this informative discussion that will empower you to make informed decisions and harness the full potential of video surveillance technologies.