The Advantages of System Integrators Offering a Mass Communications Solution

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September 2023

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The Advantages of System Integrators Offering a Mass Communications Solution

As organizations increasingly rely on technology to streamline their communication processes, system integrators find it more important than ever to offer solutions that can keep up with the pace. Mass communication is one such solution that has been gaining popularity for a good reason. By integrating mass communications technology with a VMS like CORTROL, the technology ensures fast and effective communication. This blog post will explore the advantages of system integrators offering a mass communications solution.

1.   Variety

First, mass communication solutions offer a wide range of benefits. These solutions are designed for organizations to communicate with large groups of people at once, using a variety of communication channels such as SMS, Public Address, intercoms, horn speakers, email, and social media. As a result, organizations can quickly send important messages, updates, and notifications. In addition, they can use VMS platforms and emergency communications device integration to trigger automated emergency messages.

2. Customization

Mass communication solutions are highly customizable. Organizations can tailor messages for specific audiences and communication channels. For example, a VMS might send a message to a customer who has opted in to receive message notifications while also sending an email.

3. Show me the money!

Offering a mass communications solution can be a valuable revenue stream for system integrators. By presenting this solution to their clients, system integrators can earn additional revenue and provide a valuable service to help customers streamline their communication processes.

4. Scalability

Mass communication solutions are highly scalable. As an organization grows and its communication channels need change, a mass communication solution can quickly adapt to meet those needs. This scalability is essential for organizations looking to expand or experiencing growth. However, it is also vital to ensure your security system’s VMS platform is just as scalable to ensure a smooth transition when adding integrations and channels.

5. Differentiation

Offering a mass communication solution can help system integrators differentiate themselves from competitors. System integrators can position themselves as valuable technology partners by providing solutions that allow organizations to communicate more effectively.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why system integrators should offer mass communication solutions. From the wide range of benefits to the potential for scalability and customization, many compelling reasons exist to consider adding a mass communication solution to your service offerings. Additionally, system integrators can earn extra revenue by offering this solution.

If you are a system integrator looking to provide additional value to your clients, a mass communication solution is definitely worth considering.