2023 Security Technology Trends

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2023 Security Technology Trends

What are the best security products for my business?

As the new year approaches, businesses look to employ the finest security systems and high-tech integrations. So, organizing your video management and securing your perimeters with the latest technology is a must going into 2023.

Video Management Platforms

A centralized management platform is required to keep multiple systems, cameras, and integrations organized. Ganz  CORTROL  Video Management System allows companies to manage various systems efficiently. It unifies video surveillance, access control, video analytics, IoT sensors (vape detectors, bullying, and gunshot detectors), license plate recognition (LPR), intercom communications, biometrics, and other IP and IoT systems to provide real-time situational awareness.

Emergency Communications IoT Devices

With mass shootings on the rise–especially school shootings–the need to reach the police directly is essential. It is no longer enough to call 911 or have a regular panic button for emergencies.  Alyssa's Law , which is being passed and enacted across the nation, calls for all schools to mandate a panic alarm. Emergency communications technology such as the Ganz  D2PD  Emergency Communications System can help meet those requirements. The direct-to-police department technology integrates with CORTROL VMS and is designed for active shooter and armed intruder incidents. While other technologies are slower, our patented system can reach the police in just ¼ of one second.

IoT Smart Sensors

In 2019 NYC passed the Climate Mobilization Act, also known as  Local Law 97 , calling for businesses to have greener emissions and cleaner air. Solutions such as the  intelligent IoT Halo  sensor can help enterprises to comply. In addition, schools continue to crack down on bullying and vaping by using Halo's smart technology for constant monitoring. The sensor offers valuable features ideal for schools and businesses, including vape detection, chemical detection, air quality monitoring, sound detection, and more to provide real-time situational awareness.

Smart 3D Surveillance

Who wouldn't want to secure their premises in 3 different modes (thermal, RGB, & 3D) with a 360-degree view? Intelligent 3D surveillance systems, such as the  Leica BLK247 Smart 3D Surveillance System,  use LiDAR and AI edge computing to provide greater accuracy, reducing costly false alarms and giving businesses clear visibility in hard-to-see zones—even in pitch black.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions with Deep Learning

AI and Deep Learning have been trending and will continue to be popular in 2023. Existing security systems can add AI, video analytics, and biometrics by simply adding a stand-alone appliance. The Ganz  AI Box  can recognize and classify detected objects, including people, vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It can reduce false alarms, add facial recognition for access control, customize event notifications, and more.

Conclusively, secured by VMS, emergency communications, IoT devices, 3D surveillance, and video analytics, there is no need to fear the future. In addition, the year's end brings multiple  end-of-year clearance  sales with cameras to supplement new or existing systems. So now is the time to stock up and upgrade your system. Schedule your  complimentary consultation  today.