Unauthorized Resellers

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, to ensure customers proper support and service CBC AMERICA LLC only sells wholesale products through authorized resellers.

If you purchase a CBC AMERICA LLC (CBC) product from or through an unauthorized reseller, whether that reseller is a distributor, retailer, mail order seller, online vendor, or other sources, the manufacturer's warranty will be void and the product will not be eligible for warranty service or support by CBC Nor will CBC honor or recognize the unauthorized purchase and sale of the product in any other regard.

If you have questions about a particular reseller or potential transaction, please contact CBC Customer Service.

In the meantime, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that CBC has identified the following websites as places where unauthorized sales of CBC's products are currently being made:

  • allsecurityelectronics.net
  • geminicomputers.com
  • prosecuritysys.com
  • saveonvideo.com
  • surveillent.com
  • surveillent.net
  • Jmac Supply (Amazon)

Any purchase of a CBC, GANZ, or COMPUTAR product from any of these online merchants will not be recognized as valid by CBC and will be treated in the manner described above, including being deemed ineligible for warranty service and other product support.

Thank you for your attention to this notice and for purchasing our products only from legitimate authorized resellers.