Safer Schools with Actionable Intelligence

Create Safer Schools for a Better Tomorrow.

Our solutions for maximum-security school premises and campuses include integrations that help prevent, deter, and detect emergency events such as school shootings and violence, medical emergencies, and area breaches. A maximum-security school would be fully integrated with  smart cameras and gunshot detectors ),  3D surveillance,  license plate recognition , and emergency communications —and it would all be managed under one  VMS .  


Multiple Integrations for Real-Time Incident Detection and Prevention

Ganz CORTROL Video Management Software (VMS) acts as the  core command center .

Ganz CORTROL Video Managment System integrates multiple devices, sensors, cameras, and systems to detect and prevent dangerous and urgent events before they happen.

Truly robust video management software (VMS) is the central component of real-time incident prevention and detection. Extend your surveillance system with CORTROL VMS and create simple rules: how many people are allowed in, how many have come out. CORTROL also integrates with your access control system and will close or open access depending on predetermined parameters.

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