Version 1.21.0 of Ganz CORTROL VMS is now available

[Updated] April 21, 2022, Cary, N.C. — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the new release of Ganz CORTROL VMS V1.21.0. This major release has added several new features and various function enhancements that enable customers to leverage their video surveillance investments fully.

New features:

  • Two-factor authentication for the Console and Client login
  • Cybersecurity dashboard in Console for easy tracking of security gaps in the server configuration
  • Added support for CUDA (NVIDIA GPU computing) for CORTROL Video Analytics
  • Added support for internal tags and subjects (separate database)
  • Dedicated database for the video analytics result history (for the external recognition results and other external metadata sources)
  • Added support for 256-bit AES encryption for archive protection and client-server communication
  • Exported videos now can include dewarped images and VA metadata overlay with VP8 and JPEG compression (on top of a similar improvement for snapshots in the previous versions)


  • Additional video analytics engines for CORTROL CVA
  • Added new zone settings in CORTROL CVA: object presence time, object absence time, zone intersection by object threshold
  • Viewport rendering now respects display scale factor (DPI) when drawing timestamps, errors, and analytics metadata in viewports
  • Processing of video frames by analytics engine moved into a separate host process
  • Added events into audit log: user has changed CORTROL CVA settings (flags, configuration)
  • Added HTTPS option to the “Send HTTP Request” action in the Events & Actions configurator
  • Speedup console startup on overloaded systems
  • Added disconnect reason to audit events: Recording Server Disconnected/Mirror Server Disconnected
  • Watchdog setting ‘Monitor system committed memory usage ratio’ default value changed to 95%
  • Comments are now included when exporting bookmarks into CSV format from the monitor application.
  • More precise archive duration statistics have been added in the monitoring section of Console (Data Duration column)
  • Added field ‘value’ into the search criteria for Monitor archive VCA search
  • Option to enable/disable recording servers reset when restoring the central server configuration using Server Backup and Restore Wizard
  • Implemented auto-refresh in the monitoring section of Console
  • Added variable opacity to zones and counters in settings
  • Implemented channel GUID macro text under the Events & Actions insert fields
  • Added additional filters for Audit log search: filter by user(-s) and server(-s)
  • Keep device selection when copying a device in Console
  • Added total stream duration column under storage monitoring in the monitoring section of Console
  • Added fire extinguisher icon set for maps
  • Integrated FFgroup LPR analytics for Mobotix cameras

Support for new devices added:

  • Vivotek FD9360-H, IB9360-H, IT9360-H, MD9560-DH, MD9560-H, FD9166-HNF2, FD9166-HNF4, FD9366-HVF2, FD9366-HVF4, FD9368-HTV, IB9368-HT, FD9380-H, IB9380-H, IT9380-H, FD9182-H, FD9388-HTV, IB9388-HT, IT9388-HT, CC9160-H, CC9160-HS, CC9380-HV, FE9380-HV, FD9167-HT-v2, FD9367-EHTV-v2, FD9189-HT-v2, FD9189-H-v2, FD9389-EHTV-v2, FD9389-EHV-v2, IB9389-EHT-v2, IB9389-EH-v2, IT9389-H-v2 models
  • Axis A9161 Network I/O Relay Module
  • Axis C1310-E Network Horn Speaker
  • Axis Siren D4100
  • Ganz ZN1A-2D6DTMZ71 dual-head camera
  • Hanwha XNZ-6320 model
  • Tanz THCMx2, THCMx3, THCMx4, THCMx8, THCMxA, TCIBMx1, TCIBMx2, TCIBMx3, TCIBMx4, TCIBMx5, TCIBMx6 models

For the complete list, notes, and descriptions, see the 1.21.0 release notes. Learn more and download a free trial of CORTROL at

Note: CORTROL 1.21.0 offers support for Nvidia graphic cards. The CORTROL Nvidia CUDA toolkit is required by the CORTROL Premier server, Global server, and Recording server for server-side analytics to be offloaded to an Nvidia graphics card. Download the file here.

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