Version 1.14.0 of Ganz CORTROL VMS is now available

August 23, 2019, Cary, N.C. — CBC announced the worldwide release of Version 1.14.0 of Ganz CORTROL VMS.  This release has added new functions to the video wall, a new event to the Event & Action Manager and other significant enhancements; offering system administrator's greater unified control and visibility of their system.

New Features:

  • Client Video Wall feature now allows a composite screen (tiles). *
  • This feature enables the splitting of the target video wall screen into several physical displays tiles.
  • The Client wall now allows selection of the grid size and the ability to click a tile to assign its layout.
  • A new client configuration Import / Export feature provides the ability to import and or export the configuration of the CORTROL Client.
  • The console column management update adds controls for width, arrangement, the order of priority,  adding, removing, and locking to the console columns.
  • The Event & Action Manager has added a new event. It combines the ability to use a Data Source event as an action driver.
  • The Web Client: LDAP/AD feature adds Active Directory support when importing users for CORTROL
  • CORTROL has added support for the Thai language.

*The related functionality is only supported in Ganz CORTROL Global edition

New Device/Camera Support:

  • HikVision DS-2CD1043G0-I and DS-2XE6222F-IS/316L
  • Optex REDSCAN RLS-2020

For the complete list, notes and descriptions see release notes.  Learn more about CORTROL at

About Ganz
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