The Latest Ganz AI Box Firmware Released

May 21, 2024, Mebane, N.C. — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the release of the latest version of ZN-AIBOX-STD firmware. This release has added several new features, enhancements, and fixes to enable customers to fully leverage their video surveillance investments.

New Features

  • Event Recording Enhancements
    • Added Event ID to recordings, with an API for playback based on the Event ID.
  • Forklift Detection App
    • Can be enabled per channel to detect forklift objects within the basic detection apps. 
  • Documentation Links Added for People Counting, Vehicle Counting, Vehicle Type Counting Apps 
  • Metadata Transmission Setting ON/OFF Removed
    • Operates as always ON, channel-specific settings make this unnecessary. 
  • ONVIF Action Transmission for Counter App
    • Counter app events can now be sent as ONVIF actions. 
    • Refer to System - Document - ONVIF Integration Guide.
  • Record Data Retention Setting
    • Automatically deletes data after the set number of days. 
  • Algorithm to Improve Misidentification of Animals as Humans
    • Configurable per channel under False Alarm Reduction - Reducing False Detection menu. 

Enhancements and Changes

  • Enhanced Detection Performance in Vehicle Type Counting App for Buses 
  • Disabling False Detection Improvement Feature on Channels Using Animal Detection, People Counting, and Zone Counting Apps 
  • Improved Misidentification of Humans in Thermal Intrusion App 
  • LPR EU App Performance Improvement (Enhanced license plate detection) 
  • UX Improvement for Arm/Disarm Indicator
    • Switch direction reversed (ON in Arm state, OFF in Disarm state). 
  • Action Handler Category for Alarm Panel Added Satel INTEGRA alarm panel integration handlers are included in the alarm panel category. 
  • License Upload Process Improved
    • Deletes existing licenses of the same type before applying new requests. 
  • Stream Setting GOP Error Expression Improved 
  • Kronos Action Handler Improvements
    • Renamed Alice / Kronos. 
    • Changed Image key from snapshots to snapshot. 
    • Added <timeUtc></timeUtc> to the payload message. 
  • Password Reset Questions Requirement Enhanced
    • All three questions must be registered at setup for improved security. 
  • UX Clarity Improved for Date and Time Setting Menu with NTP Synchronization
    • Added instructions for manual time setting. 
    • Improved wording for Auto Time Sync settings option. 
  • UX Improvement for Zone Counting App
    • Added variable guidance text for Limits type values more than, fewer than. 
    • Changed Report type to Periodic event type, removed range setting in Periodic events.

See the latest release notes for the full new features, enhancements, and descriptions list.  Go to the ZN-AIBOX-STD product page (under resources) to update your firmware. Learn more about the AI Box at

About Ganz

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