New features, functions, and integrations in Version 1.15.0 of Ganz CORTROL VMS

November 4, 2019, Cary, N.C. — CBC announced the release of Version 1.15.0 of Ganz CORTROL VMS.  The V 1.15.0 release has added new features, functions, and integrations.

New Features:

  • Added support for Gallagher Command Centre access control
  • Added support for Visual Access Systems (GSF Corporation) access control
  • Added support for GanzCloud services ( Features: Video streaming to GanzCloud Box, live event receive, archive navigation by GanzCloud events
  • Added support for multi-level visual groups
  • Added External Service support on recording servers*
  • Added possibility to assign recording server for a video wall management*
  • Added new events on central server: recording server connected/disconnected*
  • Added new columns in Console’s monitoring section: Disk queue length and Channel Jitter (uneven video frame receive)
  • Added an option for VCA and software counters history remove
  • Added configurable archive bookmark count quota in Console application


  • improved bookmark reading performance
  • Implemented ONVIF analytic events support
  • Implemented generic event grid view in Smart Search and External Services tabs
  • Added new filter ‘system events’ for Access Controls’ in Monitor application
  • Added separate permissions for the software counters
  • Instant playback improvements: functionality (play/pause by mouse click), on-screen slider and shortcuts
  • Event and action lists are now sorted alphabetically in the event & action configurator
  • Added Monitor usability setting to allow decreasing playback speed for Fast Rewind / Fast Forward instead of pausing
  • Implemented an option to display access control systems under own tab in the Monitor application
  • Added unlimited timeout option for user description in the ‘Create bookmark’ action
  • Disallowed user button activation via keyboard (enter or space) in Monitor application
  • Selecting correspond channel when selecting bookmark or VCA event (in multichannel playback view)
  • Removing view port selection on Escape button
  • Minor Console interface improvements

Support for new devices added:

  • Halo Smart Sensor (Vape Detection, Chemical Detection, Air Quality Monitoring, Sound Detection)
  • Axis Q6000-E Mk II and Q6055-E PTZ models
  • Dahua DHI-NVR616-128-4KS2 model

*The related functionality is only supported in CORTROL Global edition

For the complete list, notes and descriptions see release notes.  Learn more about CORTROL at

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