Ganz Introduces Rapid Deployment Surveillance System with AI Video Analytics

The Ganz ReadySentry Rapid Deployment Intelligence (RDI) system is a complete AI Video Analytics platform.  Quick installation, setup, and configuration requirements minimize the response time in deploying surveillance.

June 1, 2021, Cary, NC - Ganz, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems, announced the release of the Ganz ReadySentry RDI (Rapid Deployment Intelligence) surveillance system with AI video analytics.

The Ganz ReadySentry RDI is an all-in-one security system housed in a ruggedized mobile unit. The powerful AI video analytics package in the ReadySentry identifies events based on object classification (e.g. vehicle, human) or tracking events (e.g. motion zones) and stores recordings in the Cloud. Users receive alerts and use a Google-like natural language search engine sifting through archived videos to find relevant footage quickly. This intelligent video feature drastically reduces false alarms, limits data transfer and storage costs, and ties metadata to recordings for fast and accurate forensic video searches.

"The Ganz ReadySentry system is easily moved from one location to the next providing fast, automated high-security situational awareness" according to Keith Sowa, Product Development Director, Ganz Security, "its rapid deployment makes it ideal for construction sites, special events, and any other application requiring urgent or temporary surveillance."

Ganz ReadySentry RDI is a plug-and-play system that automatically starts streaming and recording video at power-up. It provides durable, secure, and easy to operate high-resolution wireless IP surveillance for situations requiring a quick response.

The ReadySentry enables real-time analytics using deep learning technology. It can monitor, send alerts, and prevent damaging or dangerous events in various and remote locations. The combination of mobility and intelligence makes it possible to deploy less staff to secure multiple sites intelligently. Using AI technology, ReadySentry conducts occupancy counting by detecting people in one video frame and is ideal for Smart City applications.

The ReadySentry unit has multiple camera options and uses GanzCloud AI computing is for the best adaptive bandwidth control. Connectivity options include LG/LTE or Wi-fi with data encryption.

ReadySentry is NDAA compliant, manufactured in Mebane, North Carolina. For more information or an online demonstration, visit

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