Ganz D2PD Direct to Police Emergency Communications System Now Available


May 9, 2022, Cary, NC - Ganz, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems, announced today the availability of Ganz D2PD, a Direct to Police Department Emergency Communications System - powered by Go2Blu.

During an emergency, time is critical. The Ganz D2PD bypasses traditional, slower notification methods and communicates directly with the police. D2PD can be initiated in the classroom from any mobile device via a "Panic Button" or by the school administration - alerting the police and others. Concurrently, D2PD rapidly distributes tactical information to Emergency First Responders when they need it most.

In an active shooter or medical Emergency Event, the ability to expedite response by law enforcement is the single most significant factor in preserving life. The D2PD unit featuring Go2Blu software and monitoring provides notification to local law enforcement in less than 1 second from alarm activation, bypassing dispatch and allowing for an immediate response to any life-threatening incident.

D2PD is a next-generation IoT solution that sets the standard for emergency alerting and communication systems and is ideal for Alyssa's Law compliance. The D2PD communicator unit is NDAA compliant and manufactured in Mebane, North Carolina. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit

About Ganz

Ganz Security is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including CORTROL video management software, video analytics, and AI and supporting devices. With millions of network systems and camera installations globally, we continually set innovation, quality, and value standards.

The CBC Group, the Ganz brand's parent company, has more than 40 locations and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our global presence allows the advantage of partnering with a responsive, privately owned organization with resources and a vision ahead of the curve. In addition, our local perspective provides a team of knowledgeable professionals that genuinely understand your needs – like no other.

About Go2Blu

Since 2013, Go2Blu has been providing Education (K-12 and Colleges and Universities), Healthcare (Hospitals, Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities), Government (Cities and Utilities), and Corporate Real Estate Markets with our state-of-the-art Emergency Notification and Communication System. Through our 900 MHz Radio platform or our IoT, SaaS solution, Go2Blu provides notification to local Law Enforcement in less than 1 second, allowing for the quickest response time available, mitigating the potential of loss of life.

Go2Blu is a Massachusetts-based company with development, manufacturing, and service conducted in-state. Installation of the Go2Blu solution can occur within days of the contracting process. This occurs with Go2Blu working closely with our Client's IT Department to install and test the system in less than one day. Local Law Enforcement is also included in this process to assure continuity amongst all relevant parties. Go2Blu also includes an ability to support Mutual Aid among surrounding Police and Emergency Response Departments.