Ganz CORTROL VMS Version 1.16.0 Available

CORTROL 1.16.0 is now available!

February 25, 2020,  Cary, N.C. — CBC, the parent company of the Ganz brand, announced the release of Ganz CORTROL VMS version1.16.0.   This release has added essential new functions, features, and enhancements; offering system administrator's greater control of their infrastructure.

New Features:

  • The ability to view non-interactive websites has been added to the Client application
  • A new Fisheye Dewarp engine optimized for 6MP and larger resolutions have been added to the Client application
  • A viewport button to send the channel to Sequence Explorer has been added to the Client application
  • A viewport button to send channel to Smart Search is added to the Client application
  • Additional Access Control System Events under “Events options” have been added to the Event & Action Configurator
  • A new "Layout Pop-up Quick Select" function featuring multi-item selection (cameras/maps), and live stream layout popup was added
  • Roger RACS 5 Access Control Support was added


  • Access Control events for Lock/Unlock/Temp Unlock actions performed within the Audit Policy of the Client application have been enhanced
  • Saving conditions and indicator states after a server restart have been added to the Event & Action Configurator
  • There are now re-configurable colors and severity levels for Bookmarks
  • The Client application now allows the selection of Pop-up for Channels/Maps, and Layouts at the same time
  • Additional action and events have been implemented for Keri Systems access control
  • Localization improvements have been made for Polish, German, Italian and Turkish languages
  • Multi-Monitor Instant Playback support has been added for the ‘Go to Playback’ button send to Playback
  • Significant playback and instant playback improvements (with performance optimization, and a fully reworked timeline)

For the complete list, notes, and descriptions, see release notes.  Learn more about CORTROL at

About Ganz
CBC AMERICA is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of world-class security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including video management software, intelligent video analytics, biometric access systems, and supporting devices.  All of Ganz’s products are backed by exceptional technical support and customer service, and designed for easy integration and maximum scalability for any system requirement.