Ganz CORTROL VMS New Release

Major Release -CORTROL 1.20.0 is now available!

December 21, 2021, Cary, N.C. — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the new major version of Ganz CORTROL VMS V1.20.0. This release has added several new features and various function enhancements that further enable customers to fully leverage their video surveillance investments.

New features:

  • Added subject to Face Recognition database (CORTROL FR version 3.1.1 or newer)
  • Added new resource type: client-side interactive Web Application integration
  • Added new device type: Interactive URL (CrossLink Basic) – License required
  • Added new device type: Remote Desktop (CrossLink Advanced) – License required
  • VP8 codec support (alternative to JPEG for interactive channels)


  • Implemented imaging settings for ONVIF driver
  • Added processor group support (optimized performance for systems with more than 64 logical processors)
  • Added substream support for HTML Source devices (non-interactive webpages)
  • Added ability to use dewarp & DPTZ state, metadata, and POS data for snapshot export
  • Forced reverse connection check before initiating remote recording server upgrade*
  • Added support of analytics plugins for Mobotix P7 series models
  • Added HTTPS support for the “Generic JPEG/M-JPEG Compatible” driver
  • Implemented dynamic resolution calculation for multichannel video export
  • Improved VA metadata display on the timeline (do not display empty samples)
  • Implemented additional fields for E&A macros
  • Use sample cache for WASAPI devices for better control and monitoring of allocated samples
  • Added additional setting in the channel properties under VA: enable/disable ‘Camera-side metadata’
  • The default port for Advantech ADAM I/O devices changed to 502
  • Added ‘UsedSpace’ column in storage monitoring in Console

Support for new cameras added:

  • Gridsmart models
  • Beward DS06A model
  • Vigilate vLane A5b model
  • CBC (Ganz) ZN9-DP06AP and ZNP-B5M212DP models
  • Turing TP-MVD5MV2 model
  • UDP IPM35A05-7311IR model
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-1 model
  • Axis C1410 Speaker
  • Wavesys IP10201-LDI, IP10202-LDO, IP30201-LDI, IP10201-LBO, IP30203-LDO, IP30203-LBO, IP30203-LBO-V650, IP30301-LDO, IP30303-LDO, IP30303-LBO, IP30303-LBO-V650, IP30203LPT, IP30501-LDO, IP30503-LDO, IP30503-LBO models

*The related functionality is only supported in CORTROL Global edition

For the complete list of function enhancements, notes, and descriptions see the release notes.  Learn more about CORTROL at

About Ganz

Ganz is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including video management software, smart video analytics, 3D surveillance systems, biometric access systems, and supporting devices.