Ganz CORTROL VMS 1.23.0 Major Release

A new major version is now available for download.

March 13, 2023, Cary, N.C. — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the release of Ganz CORTROL VMS version 1.23.0.  This release has added major function updates, improvements, and enhancements that enable customers to leverage their video surveillance investments.

New Features:

  • Access Control: NEDAP AEOS
  • Client Administration Tool: Alarm tab restrictions
  • Client/Live: Data channel textual visualization
  • Client/Data Sources: Textual data queries
  • Console/Data Channels: Textual data visualization channel
  • Console/Data Sources: Multi-purpose time series databases
  • Language localization: Spanish (Spain) and Chinese (Simplified)
  • User accounts: Option to disable on a specific date and time


  • Client: Alarm tab - Compact header
  • Client: Alarm tab - 'Hidden' status for bookmarks
  • Client: Alarm tab - Bulk edit multiple alarms (Status and severity)
  • Client: CrossLink Basic webpages H.264 codec support
  • Client: Customizable colors for the Video Analytics object classes
  • Client: External Service Tabs for FR, LPR support for grid view
  • Maps/Markers: CrossLink Basic webpages
  • Maps/Markers: Grid arrangement option
  • Server performance on large-scale configurations
  • Language localization: Ukrainian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese (Traditional), and Latvian

Support for new cameras added:

  • i-PRO (Panasonic) WV-S65302-Z2
  • Hikvision DS-2SE7C432MW-AEB

For the complete list, notes, added cameras, and descriptions, see the 1.23.0 release notes.   Learn more and download a free trial of CORTROL Premier at

About Ganz
Ganz Security is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including CORTROL video management software, AI & video analytics, 3D surveillance systems, IoT systems, cameras, recording devices, and supporting accessories. We continually set innovation, quality, and value standards with millions of global network systems and camera installations.


Important Notes:

1.   CORTROL version 1.3.x and newer allows upgrading of prior installations

Premier, Global, Recorder: "NOT" backward compatible with older installations

Management Console: Not compatible with older versions of the CORTROL Server

Client: Compatible with 1.21.x and older versions of Premier, Global, Recorder

2.   CORTROL Prime is no longer available as part of the CORTROL Premier suite as of CORTROL release 1.22.0 ***

If CORTROL Prime 1.21.x is upgraded to CORTROL version 1.22.0, the customer will lose access to their initial installation of CORTROL Prime.
All existing CORTROL Prime version 1.21.x users may continue using Prime indefinitely unless they choose to upgrade to CORTROL v1.22.0
Reinstallation of CORTROL Prime will not work due to changes in the licensing portal.