Ganz AI Box Releases New Firmware

February 28, 2024, Mebane, N.C. — CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today the release of a new ZN-AIBOX-STD firmware. This release has added several new features, enhancements, and fixes to enable customers to fully leverage their video surveillance investments.

New Features

  • Kronos Action Handlers
  • Sentinel Action Handler
  • Safestar Action Handlers
  • Staff Exclusion People Count App
  • Occupancy Car Counting App
  • Advanced Attribute App
    • Activated event action message property tokens. (Refer to the Action Message Setting Guide document's object attribute information token section attached to the device.)
    • ONVIF metadata stream updated. (Refer to the ONVIF Integration Guide document attached to the device
  • Multi-Zone Counting App
    • Like Zone Counting, it allows setting multiple zones across channels.  It uses the aggregate count of configured zones for event settings.
    • API Added for fetching all counter zone settings at once `/api/counter/zone/` - API documentation provided in System - Document - System API - Counter section
  • Password Reset Feature
    • Allows password reset through previously registered questions and answers, which can be re-registered in factory reset or during password reset.
  • LPR-KR, LPR-JP Detection Policy Allows registration and detection of only the last 4 digits of a license plate number.

Enhancements and Changes

  • LPR (KR/JP/US/EU) App Online Documentation Link Added
  • Violence Detection App Renamed to Aggressive Detection
  • Multi-Language Translation Files Applied
    • Japanese multilingual translation file
    • Italian multilingual translation file
    • Polish multilingual translation file
  • Multilingual Issue Fixed
    • Initial password setup UI
    • Performance usage information popup UI

See the latest release notes for the full new features, enhancements, and descriptions list.  Go to the ZN-AIBOX-STD product page (under resources) to update your firmware. Learn more about the AI Box at

About Ganz

Ganz Security is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including CORTROL video management software, AI & video analytics, 3D surveillance systems, IoT systems, cameras, recording devices, and supporting accessories. We continually set innovation, quality, and value standards with millions of global network systems and camera installations.