CORTROL VMS Facial Recognition 3.1.1 Released

September 8, 2022, Cary, N.C. — Ganz, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems, released today CORTROL Facial Recognition (FR) Module 3.1.1. This release adds optimized mass enrollment to this biometric face recognition application designed to work with the Ganz CORTROL video management platform.

CORTROL FR provides optimal system performance and reliability with real-time face detection, concurrent multiple face recognition, and instant face matching in a one-to-one and one-to-many mode. This module is ideally suited for human resource control applicants for security and law enforcement applications.

CORTROL FR 3.1.1 added capabilities:

  • Optimized mass enrollment
  • Option to receive new subject entries directly from the CORTROL Desktop Client (Version 1.20.0 or more recent)
  • Ability to send localized strings to any connected CORTROL recording servers (Requires CORTROL Global)
  • Support added for the new CORTROL Face Recognition single channel license.

CORTROL FR features:

  • Chart reports in Client based on FR recognition data and estimators (CORTROL version 1.18.1 or newer)
  • Medical mask detection
  • Combined face + temperature readings (Requires input from a temperature device from source video)
  • External database support (MSSQL) for both recognition and subject databases
  • Bulk subject import from a directory structure (multiple modes)
  • Liveness detection option in the recognition settings

For the complete list, notes, and descriptions, see the 3.1.1 release notes. Learn more about CORTROL FR 3.1.1 and download a free trial of CORTROL at

About Ganz

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