CORTROL VMS 1.21.1 Maintenance Release

August 1, 2022, Cary, N.C. — Ganz, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems, announced the maintenance release of CORTROL VMS 1.21.1.  Ganz CORTROL enterprise software unites actionable intelligence in a central command center by unifying IP-based video surveillance, access control, AI, analytics, IoT smart sensors, license-plate recognition, facial recognition, communications, biometrics, and other IP systems. This maintenance release adds new features and enhancements to CORTROL's numerous capabilities.

New Features:

  • The user can now set default substream mode choice (auto, force mainstream, force substream) in CORTROL Client
  • The ability to set the export of live alarms (from alarms pane) to XLS, PDF, or CSV has been added to CORTROL Client
  • Added support for Foreign Security Principals of trusted AD domains
  • Added support for the newest version of Mobotix LPR analytics (by FFgroup)


  • Improved and unified search result export for Bookmarks, VCA, Smart Search, External services, and Data Sources CORTROL Client
  • Added option to set startup layout or sequence via context menu in layouts pane in CORTROL Client
  • GPS coordinates on geo map will be shown for all displayed cameras during playback - CORTROL Client
  • The layout sequence timeout is now extended upon user interaction in CORTROL Client
  • The temporary pause of the layout sequence while a viewport is maximized in CORTROL Client
  • Saving and restoring the width of the CORTROL Client Resources’ panel (layouts, channels, maps, etc.) has been added
  • The CORTROL Console now allows an ONVIF HTTPS connection to use TLS 1.2
  • Chinese language localization update

Support for new cameras added:

  • Ganz: ZN13-D2M312-IRWAS
  • ONCAM: Evolution 5, Evolution 12, and Evolution 180
  • Vivotek: FD9369, IB9369, FE9192-H, FE9191-H-v2, FE9391-EHV-v2, SD9368-EHL, SD9384-EHL, IP9165-HT-v2
  • IP9165-LPC-v2, FE9382-EHV-v2, MD9582-H, MD9584


  • CORTROL version 1.3.x, and newer allows upgrading of prior installations
  • Premier, Global, and Recorder are “NOT” backward compatible with older installations
  • The Management Console is not compatible with older versions of CORTROL Server
  • CORTROL Client is now compatible with 1.21.x, and older versions of CORTROL Premier, Global, and Recorder

For the complete list, notes, and descriptions, see the 1.21.1 release notes.   Learn more and download a free trial of CORTROL at

About Ganz

Ganz Security is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including CORTROL video management software, video analytics, 3D surveillance systems, AI, biometric access control systems, and supporting devices. With millions of network systems and camera installations globally, we continually set the standard for innovation, quality, and value.