CORTROL VMS 1.19.1 Update Released

October 12, 2021, Cary, N.C. — Ganz, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems, announced today the release of the CORTROL VMS 1.19.1 maintenance update.  Ganz CORTROL enterprise software unites actionable intelligence in a central command center by unifying IP-based video surveillance, access control, AI, analytics, IoT smart sensors, license-plate recognition, facial recognition, communications, biometrics, and other IP systems.

This is a maintenance version. Change log:

New Features:

  • Added PDF export option for the external service search results
  • Added XLS export (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format) for the external services search results
  • Implemented an option to print PDF files and snapshots directly from the Monitor application


  • Optimized performance for servers with a large number of simultaneously connected users
  • Implemented: change device model for multiple devices via bulk edit in Console
  • Implemented: receive and display localized strings from external services
  • Added notification in Console for 32-bit versions about EVO video analytics only being supported by 64-bit server version
  • Added an option to change the background color of the dropdown filter and panel itself for the Alarm (bookmark) panel using Monitor theme editor
  • Improved sorting logic for correct bookmark appearance order in the Alarm panel
  • Improved External URL event for it to work on Failover servers*
  • Added default Client ID value for Paxton configuration
  • Default port for Leica BLK247 changed to 8082
  • Default port for Moxa I\O devices changed to 502
  • Improved channel selection for Bulk edit window in Console: all channels are selected automatically when opening Bulk edit
  • Russian and Ukrainian localization updates

New Device Support:

  • Ganz PixelPro GXi ZN1A-2nd Gen series
  • Panasonic WV-S2511LN, WV-S2531LN, WV-SFV481, WV-X4571L, WV-S3111L, WV-SFN130, WV-S2550 models
  • Horus HO-I-BEN6M-2812, HO-I-BEN8M-2812, HO-I-EEN4P-0168, HO-I-EEN6F-0280, HO-I-EEN6M-2812, HO-I-EEN8F-0280, HO-I-EEN8M-2812, HO-I-EENC4F-0280, HO-I-EENV2T1D-V21T18, HO-NVR16F16P-MH2L-4K, HO-NVR32FD-MH4L-4K, HO-NVR4M4P-MH1-4K, HO-NVR8M8P-MH1-4K, HO-PTZ-I4ENS25 models
  • Mobotix Move series

*The related functionality is only supported in Global edition

For new device support list, notes, and descriptions, see the 1.19.1 release notes.   Learn more and download a free trial of CORTROL at

About Ganz
Ganz Security is a global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including CORTROL video management software, video analytics, and AI, biometric access control systems, and supporting devices. With millions of network systems and camera installations globally, we continually set the standard for innovation, quality, and value.