CBC AMERICA and IronYun Announce Strategic Alliance while introducing a Temperature Screening System for Businesses Operating or Re-opening during the COVID-19 Pandemic

September 16, 2020, Cary, NC —CBC AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of intelligent security systems and the Ganz brand's parent company, announced today a strategic business alliance with IronYun USA Inc. The collaboration will provide a solution for businesses operating or re-opening during the current COVID-19


For this project, CBC will customize their Ganz Thermal camera and pair it with IronYun's Vaidio™ Video Intelligence Platform for social health screening. The enterprise system will provide rapid temperature screening for social environments, including schools, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transit stations, hospitals, gyms, banks, theaters – just about any environment or facility that needs to screen for high temperatures during this unprecedented health crisis.

IronYun’s video analytics platform, Vaidio, will also offer AI-enabled face mask detection, distancing detection, people counting, and occupancy detection, and rapid thermal screening with the Ganz Thermal camera.

"Nothing is more important than making people feel secure in these uncertain times," said Takeshi Fujita, COO, CBC AMERICA. " This collaboration will allow us to offer another level of protection by giving businesses the tools to re-open and operate safely. This will reduce the workforce normally required for health screening and safety monitoring."

The Vaidio-Ganz temperature screening system has recently been successfully piloted at a leading automobile manufacturing plant in the U.S. Southwest. The plant has over 2,000 employees needing temperature screening before they can start their workday. Initially, two employees manually measured each employee before entry to the plant floor, and it took about an hour to clear the long entry lines. The plant deployed two Vaidio-Ganz screening systems at two entry doors. The Vaidio-Ganz system was able to accurately scan and identify high temperatures for their employees as they entered the plant, in real-time, at their normal walking pace, completely eliminating the temperature screening bottleneck. The company estimates that the system achieved full ROI payback within two days.

"IronYun prides itself on having best-in-class accuracy for the industry’s broadest array of AI-enabled video analytics, " said Paul Sun, CEO, IronYun USA. " We are extremely gratified to bring our Social Health Analytics for face mask, distancing, occupancy, and temperature detection to market so quickly and in conjunction with such a responsive partner in Ganz and CBC. We are dedicated to delivering Analytics for a Safer World, and the Vaidio-Ganz temperature screening solution truly fulfills that mission."

The Vaidio Platform is deployed with thousands of cameras around the world in security, facial and license plate recognition-based access control, forensic investigation, and social health applications. The Vaidio platform offers higher accuracy, lower operating costs, and open integration with dozens of the most popular VMSs (video management systems) and access control systems.

The Vaidio-Ganz temperature screening solution is a fully integrated system designed to enable more rapid screening of high temperatures for people entering a defined indoor space, like a school campus, hospital lobby, or manufacturing plant. The system combines Vaidio platform and AI-enabled analytics software, industry-standard servers, or edge hardware, just about any ONVIF-compliant IP visual camera, and the Ganz Thermal camera.

The customized Ganz Thermal camera system delivers the highest quality video in almost any lighting conditions with speed and precision. The Vaidio-Ganz Thermal camera allows rapid measurements of multiple person body temperature within 1/2 degree accuracy.

Made in USA, BAA Compliant
The Ganz Thermal camera model ZNT1-HET14G20A is made in the United States. The Ganz Thermal camera is Buy American Act (BAA 41 U.S.C. §§ 8301-305) and FTC Made in the USA compliant, and consistent with the “Presidential Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American” for manufactured goods as signed on April 18, 2017. IronYun USA Inc. is a USA-based company with headquarters in Stamford, CT, and recently (Oct. 2019) received an $857,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO).

For more information, go to ganzsecurity.com/IronYun.

About CBC
CBC AMERICA is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of world-class intelligent security solutions. The Ganz brand offers integrated system architecture across multiple market segments, including video management software, smart video analytics, biometric access systems, and supporting devices.

About IronYun
IronYun's Vaidio Video Intelligence Platform provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, safety, health, and operations. The Vaidio platform orchestrates multiple 4th generation AI engines to provide higher accuracy and lower cost across the industry's broadest array of video analytics. Vaidio solutions are deployed across thousands of cameras worldwide in perimeter security, intrusion detection, and facial-recognition and LPR-based access control applications. Vaidio Social Health Analytics for public health screening, face mask, distancing, occupancy and temperature detection are currently deployed and in pilot in a number of transit, manufacturing and airport facilities worldwide.