CVA Module

CVA's advanced computational neural network engine provides AI analytics to any camera in your system. For example, create Zones/Lines to alert on perimeter intrusion, loitering, and AI Classification of persons, vehicles, and animals. Become efficient with the information you see. Take advantage of the full potential of your video surveillance system with video content analysis. Improve the functionality of your surveillance while analyzing large amounts of data to determine a specific pattern in a particular task.



Base license: Detects humans, vehicles & animals. Metadata on object type and direction. Rules: Object detection, classification, object counters, zone detection, real-time alerts, and object search.
*Requires CORTROL v.1.19.x & up*


PPE license: Personal Protective Equipment - Safety Helmet and or Safety Vest
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and above*


LPR Detect - License Plate Recognition module (CPU/GPU),1 channel license, number plates only, up to 50 mph
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and up*


LPR Classify - Smart License Plate Recognition module (GPU),1 ch license, number plates + metadata - make/model/color/direction, up to 155 mph
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and up*


UIC&C - Smart Recognition module (CPU/GPU) 1 channel license, International Shipping Containers numbers, and UIC identification marking for tracking stock
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and up*


FR - Facial Recognition module (GPU), 1 channel license, new-generation, GPU-optimized
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and up*


Basic License Plate Recognition upgrade license to CVA LPR Detect, 1 channel
*Requires CORTROL v.1.22.1 and up*


CORTROL VCA to CORTROL CVA analytics upgrade license
*Requires CORTROL v.1.19.x & up*