Crosslink VNC Module

A powerful new optional add-on to CORTROL VMS.

CORTROL CrossLink provides the ability to add web pages and remote control of third-party workstations using VNC server technology. Two license options are available Basic and Advanced.

CrossLink Basic

Add HTML web pages; these pages load direct to the client and require direct internet access.

Pages are displayed along with video channels on the side of the monitor application.

The web pages are controlled in the normal way using a keyboard and mouse and give operators access to fixed sites. Ideal for remote monitoring, call logging, and dashboard display.

CrossLink Advanced HTML

CrossLink Advanced adds server connectivity for the web pages and treats the web page like a video or camera resource.

The webpage can be recorded, an important function where operator interaction with remote web pages needs to be audited.

These web pages can also be sent to video wall displays in the CORTROL Global edition.

CrossLink Advanced WS VNC

After installing VNC onto your workstation, you can add remote desktop viewing and control to your CORTROL system.

The desktop is treated like any other video resource with the added benefit of being able to enable remote mouse and keyboard control.

The remote desktop can also be recorded as well as displayed on Video Walls in CORTROL Global editions.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

Note - the target client PC must be running the VNC service for CORTROL to connect.