API Module

CORTROL offers customizable integration with other software systems using cross-platform CORTROL HTTP/HTTPS API. With HTTP/HTTPS API, you can implement tasks of CORTROL client/server functionality.

CORTROL HTTP/HTTPS API is HTTP/HTTPS URIs that allow interaction between 3rd party software and CORTROL servers. CORTROL HTTP/HTTPS API exposes a set of URIs that allow retrieving live and archive streams in HTML5 compatible format, controlling PTZ, implementing external services, and more.

CORTROL HTTP/HTTPS API allows flexible integration without any CORTROL components required for communication with CORTROL servers.

How the CORTROL API works chart

How it works

  • Receive a list of resources permitted for the user account used
  • Retrieve live main and sub-video streams in HTML5 compatible format
  • Retrieve archive video streams in HTML5 compatible format
  • Receive and transmit audio data
  • Stream Video and Audio to CORTROL
  • Retrieve live and archived snapshots (JPEG)
  • An option for unauthorized access to public resources
  • Controlling PTZ, focus, and presets
  • Trigger action on CORTROL servers
  • Receive CORTROL events
  • Push live data from 3rd party software (for example, Access Control, Point of Sale, Building Management, License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, and others )
  • Retrieve 3rd party archive data via the CORTROL Monitor application

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